This self-paced online course is for any licensed healthcare professional who wants to expand their brick-and-mortar medical practice to online patients or clients. We’ll aim principally at MDs and DOs are moving into, or expanding, a telemedicine practice or business. We’ll also address issues that Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, acupuncturists, health coaches and others will have to deal with as they navigate telemedicine.

Note: We are neither offering nor suggesting that CME, CLE or any other continuing education credit is available.

Telemedicine law changes frequently (particularly since COVID-19), and, changes on a state-by-state level. Since we developed this course, we have seen a lot of liberalization of telemedicine laws, and, some occasional pullbacks. This course provides more of a strategic overview. For periodic updates, please see the ongoing resources at, including: Given our broader global movement into business environments that are more digital than in-person, we anticipate the legal and regulatory landscape to continue to evolve favorably for telemedicine companies and businesses.